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The Unity Bar, El Chapparal: Where it’s all about teamwork!

The Unity Bar, El Chapparal

There’s a new bar on the block at Urbanisation El Chapparal, just outside Torrevieja. Unity Bar opened in mid September, two months behind schedule due to issues with the utilities. This is Spain after all, where bureaucracy matters much more than thirsty customers!

The bar is the brainchild of business partners Paul and Kev, and while Paul previously owned the nearby Boz Bar, it’s a new life for Kev, who was a heating engineer by profession in the UK. Kev’s wife Sue’s career was in hospitality, although she’s not involved in the day to day running of Unity. However, she’s on hand to help when it’s needed, as it was at the jam-packed opening day.

The Unity Bar, El Chapparal
Paul (right) and Kev (left) owners and hosts at The Unity Bar

Most new businesses have a ‘soft’ opening before the official launch, so they can iron out any teething troubles, but as there was a surprise party booked for their second day of trading, this luxury wasn’t available to the Unity team – they just had to go for it. If there were problems, they were not in evidence, and a great time was had by all, helped along with the delicious chilli and nachos supplied to the bar’s first customers.

Before the opening, Paul, Kev and willing friends and family members brought about a magical transformation in the premises, which previously traded as Billy’s Bar. They completely remodelled the bar to provide customers with plenty of outdoor space and a light, spacious interior. It’s minimalist in concept, but the realization has a homely feel to it, with a cosy corner where people can sit for a quiet drink, a spacious spectator area for the sports lovers, and a large, airy terrace for outdoor dining and the regular live entertainment sessions.

The Unity Bar, El Chapparal

I asked how the name for the bar came about, and Kev explained:

Unity Bar is here for everyone and everything, and we feel the name reflects that. This isn’t just another British Bar. Here on El Chapparal, there are many different nationalities: Spanish, Dutch, German, Swedish, Russian, to name just a few. It’s an open community, and we’re an open-minded bar, catering for everyone, whatever their interests.

Unity is more than just a bar name though, it’s a living concept. So much more can be achieved by working together than working alone, and the team behind the birth of Unity have certainly come up with the goods. There’s an old but true saying that goes like this:

I can do things you can’t, you can do things I can’t, but together we can do so much

The Unity Bar, El Chapparal

Paul and Kev can’t thank their friends enough for their help. Without Andy – who was also conscripted to serve the chilli on the opening day – they would never have opened their  doors when they did. He pitched in with pretty much everything. Chef Gaynor’s husband Simon helped with the electrics, while Lynn, who runs the fitness studio where Kev’s wife Sue offers holistic therapies, did battle with the utility companies on their behalf.

Many other friends and family members also offered assistance, demonstrating teamwork at its best, and proving that, even in challenging circumstances, good things can be created. Remarkably, Unity Bar has been brought into being despite lockdown and Covid 19, and now the ban on live music and dancing has been lifted, El Chapparal is ready to party!

As new bar owners, Paul and Kev are still finding out exactly what their customers want to see at Unity, but there’s regular live music, and all the major sporting events are shown live. Check out their Facebook Page for upcoming events, and if you’d like to see something happening there, send a message or call in and chat to one of the team members. If they can accommodate your request, they certainly will.

The Unity Bar, El Chapparal

In the meantime, why not go along and sample what Unity Bar has to offer? The menu focuses on quality rather than quantity, offering classic meals prepared with the freshest ingredients and cooked to perfection. Their breakfasts are already attracting attention, with reviewers describing them as ‘The best in the area by a long way,’ and there’s a good selection of snacks and main meals to suit all tastes, all at competitive prices.

There’s a great variety of live music at least twice a week, and a Monday afternoon quiz has just been added to the mix. Unity is also a local base for Seagulls Over Spain, so you can go along and watch Brighton and Hove Albion play live, knowing you will be among friends. Maybe I’ll see you there soon!

The Unity Bar, El Chapparal

Contact details:

The Unity Bar, Calle Rembrandt 6, El Chapparal, 03184

Phone: 711 06 78 80

Email: bhafc1@hotmail.co.uk