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The Park of Nations – A little bit of country in the heart of town

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Yesterday I took my friend Glenys into Torrevieja for the day. The plan was to walk along the seafront  and out along the boardwalk before enjoying a drink in the beautiful surroundings of the Casino, but it was very windy out there, and it wasn’t down to the chickpea and potato stew we’d had for supper the night before. So, what to do for two ladies in town? Normally it would be shopping, but Glenys has bought so many new clothes she thinks she might need a private jet to get her home, so she didn’t want to be tempted. Then I thought about the Park of Nations. I haven’t been there in ages, because they don’t allow dogs, and I thought – correctly – that it would be more sheltered down there than on the seafront.

If you’ve never visited the Park of Nations, maybe it’s time you did. It’s a huge green space, right in the heart of Torrevieja, between the CV90 and the N332.  The park is dedicated to the nations of Europe, and if you think the shape of the gardens and the lake is a bit unusual, that’s because they are laid out in the shape of the map of Europe. The flags of all the nations fly over the huge 6,000 square metre lake which is the centrepiece of the park.

On the lake you’ll find geese, ducks and other water fowl. They’re not shy either – they’ll get up close and personal, and even pose for photos. If you’re really lucky, you may even see turtles basking on the rocks or swimming languidly in the clear waters of the lake.

The fact that chickens, peacocks, geese and ducks stroll freely around the park is the reason for the dog ban, although being Spain, it was openly flaunted by a senora with two Yorkshire Terriers. Still, at least she picked up their downloads, which is something to be grateful for.

There’s a fairly new children’s playground, donated by the local Rotary Club, and at one end of the park there is a beautiful section of topiary. As you stroll through the park, you’d never guess you were between Torrevieja’s two main arterial roads. It’s a real oasis of calm in the middle of the bustling town.

Look out for various exhibitions and events through the year, but in any case, take a stroll around this beautiful park some time soon when you’re in Torrevieja. If nothing else, you’ll get some great pictures.

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