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One year on, and the Glamrus Girls are going from strength to strength!

Last year, I reviewed a new salon – Glamrus – which had just opened in El Raso, near Guardamar. Glamrus is run by Sophie Morgan and Vicky Mannion, who has been my hairdresser since I moved to Spain 10 years ago. Fast forward 12 months, and the salon is offering even more value for money treatments, and has built up a loyal client base, welcoming new customers every week.

A couple of months ago, I decided my hair needed a new look. It’s been long for – well, as long as I can remember – and it was getting out of condition and a bit difficult to manage, so I went for a shorter look. My friend Glenys has been here through the winter, and she also needed a trim, so we decided to have a pamper day with manicures, pedicures and waxing. At least for me – Glenys is too much of a coward for that!

The salon is luxuriously equipped – Glenys, a retired nurse, remarked that the skin treatment room was better equipped than many doctors’ examination rooms in the UK. And the many certificates displayed on the walls bear witness to the deep pool of experience shared by Sophie, Vicky and their guest therapists.

The pedicure seats are particularly impressive, as was Sophie’s technique. The nail on my right big toe is frequently ingrown, with the result that the nail had a rather unsightly curve to it. I’m not sure what magic Sophie worked, but since my pedicure, the nail has been nicely flat, like its foot mates, and it hasn’t ingrown at all. And two months on, the skin on my feet is still nice and soft. It’s no exaggeration to say it felt like I was walking on air as I left the salon, and my feet are still very comfortable.

Glenys was a bit reluctant to have  a manicure, as she said her nails ‘weren’t worth bothering with’ because they never looked nice. However, Sophie’s  treatment has resulted in stronger, prettier nails, so she’s very pleased as well.

In total, I had a complete restyle, manicure, pedicure, lower leg wax, upper lip wax, eyebrow wax and tint, and the whole lot came in at less than €100. I have friends in England who pay more than that for a cut, colour and blow dry, and are not as delighted with the results as I was with my beauty makeover and pamper session.

That’s my personal experience, because mere pictures don’t tell the whole story – how everything is comfortable, friendly and relaxed, and how both Sophie and Vicky explain everything they’re doing, and exactly why they are doing it.

While the service is personal and tailored to individual needs, the Glamrus Girls have thought outside the beauty box, and offer a holistic approach to health, because true beauty starts from within. The latest offering is fitness walks and boot camps led by Lee, to get the circulation going for that healthy glow that can’t come from a bottle. And Glynis offers Reiki and Reflexology treatments. In fact, the Glamrus Girls are always coming up with new therapies and ideas to improve your health and beauty, and the good news is, you won’t need to mortgage your casa to fund them.

Glamrus also hosts themed health and beauty evenings, where you can learn more about available treatments and try before you buy. Sophie and Vicky are committed to helping their clients to look and feel good, in a friendly yet professional atmosphere. Why not give them a call or drop in for a chat and see what the Glamrus Girls can do for you?

Congratulations on your first successful year, Sophie and Vicky. Here’s to many more!

Contact Glamrus on 965 996 622, check out their informative Facebook page to find out more about their services. Maybe I’ll see you there soon.