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Marian’s Meet and Greet with Sir Cliff Richard 23 August 2016

14192708_10155017075842788_1728111566547076173_nYou may remember that a while back, I posted about my meeting with Marian Donovan, who has to be Sir Cliff Richard’s Number One Fan on the Costa Blanca. If you haven’t seen the post, it’s here. Well, back in August, Marian once again headed to Cliff’s Adega do Cantor winery in Guia, Albufeira Portugal. Although all these trips are special, this one was even more so, since Cliff had recently been exonerated of the allegations against him. Marian kindly wrote a blog post about her visit, and on the day of Cliff’s brilliant appearance on the Loose Women Special, it seems a good day to publish this as a guest post. Marian would love to set up a Costa Blanca Fan Group for Sir Cliff, so if you’re interested, contact her on her Facebook profile. Over to you, Marian.

The Big Day at the winery was advertised as a Meet and Greet with Sir Cliff, and for just €20, fans would be presented with a signed box containing 3 bottles of Cliff’s Vida Nova wine, a signed photo of Cliff, and a photograph with the Man Himself, as well as a chat. He’s so caring of his fans, and also gives freely of his time, but this year he was very touchy feely, with hugs and kisses for all the fans.

I got a big hug and kissed him on the cheek, then I gave him a photo of myself, and said:

Since I have loads of photos of you, it’s about time you had one of me!

Cliff laughed a lot at that, and I had some truly amazing photos of us laughing together. As it happened, I’d seen him the day before in a fluke, when we called at the winery, so that was another photo opportunity.

The Meet and Greet at the winery was scheduled from 10.00 am – 12.00 pm, but as more than 1,000 people turned up, it went on until way past 2.30, and everyone who 14100528_10155017076277788_8423361317268111968_nwas there got a signature and a chat. Cliff also had an interview with a TV station and the local Mayor, so how tired must he have been after all that! Cliff showed his love for his fans, as we showed our love for him.

Of course, we were all concerned about how he was coping with all the recent bad publicity. However, Cliff and all his fans and friends were confident that nothing would come from the allegations, so we’ve all stood by him, and he knew this all along.

This is Sir Cliff Richard – he’s never even thrown anything out of a hotel window, he is a committed Christian, and he’s the nicest man I’ve ever met. He’s always kind and courteous, whether he’s meeting fans or fellow celebrities – everyone is treated the same.

Cliff and his fans have come through this, gained strength from each other, and kept each other sane. It’s been a hard time for all of us – particularly Cliff – but now the world knows what we knew all along. He’s innocent, and he can get on with his life and career, knowing he’s exonerated. Our lives and his are no longer on hold, but there are exciting times ahead. He’s back to his rocking good ways with a new single and album – Just … Fabulous Rock n’ Roll,  which deserves to go to Number One.

The past two years have been very upsetting for Cliff and his fans, but we’ve all stayed strong, and now he can get back to what he does best. He’s a very special person, and I’m proud to be a lifelong fan. Thanks for the good times Cliff – and here’s to many, many more. We love you!

Friendly reminder: This is a guest blog post, from a lifelong fan of Sir Cliff Richard. As a Cliff fan myself, I am proud to publish this for Marian. The views expressed here are her own, and although you may not share them, please respect those views in the comments.