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Hitting the sales at C & A!

The C & A logo - once present on almost every UK high street, but now only in Europe.

The C & A logo – once present on almost every UK high street, but now only in Europe.

We have visitors from England staying for two weeks, and wouldn’t you know it, the first rain for almost two months put in an appearance yesterday and today. Still, seeing as Bristol Airport was closed because of snow just an hour or so after they took off on Saturday, they’re not complaining. We were chatting about clothes, and wondering what to do today, when my friend June happened to mention she really missed C & A, which ceased trading in the UK in 2001.

I happened to mention there was a C & A 10 miles away in Torrevieja, so that was the day sorted. We headed for the Habaneras Centre, and sent Tony and Larry to play with the tools in Aki while June and I hit the rebajas in C & A. June has been looking for a black jacket style cardigan for several weeks, and couldn’t find what she wanted, but within 10 minutes of attacking the rails in C & A, she found the very thing. It wasn’t in the sale, but at just €19.90 (less than £16 at today’s exchange rate) she was more than happy to pay full price. She’d seen a similar model in Plymouth, but wasn’t prepared to pay the asking price, which was more than double C & A’s price.

Since I lost 10 kilos, shopping for clothes is a pleasure rather than a chore these days, and I found a lovely burgundy lace dress with a fitted bodice and flared skirt. They only had it in Medium, so I was dubious about the fit, but it was perfect, and June said it made me look even slimmer than ever. She’s a lovely friend! Best of all, there was 70% – that’s right, 70% – off the asking price of 29.90. So, for less than €9, I have (yet another) new dress. And I bagged a floral skirt reduced from €10 to €5.

I did look at lots of other things, but there’s only so much I can smuggle into the house and hide in the wardrobe to bring out at a later date. You know the routine ladies – the husband says ‘Not another new dress, surely?’ and you reply, ‘I’ve had this ages – just goes to show you never notice what I’m wearing.’ I have the righteous indignation down to a fine art now, but as I said, there’s only so much you can sneak in in one go.

If you think C & A stands for Crap & Awful, think again. The quality has improved a lot, but the prices are still keen, and the sales reductions are amazing. Lots of stuff has 30%, 50% or even 70% off already cheap items. And if there’s not a store near you, you can shop online. June wants to go back for another look, so I said we’d hit the La Zenia Boulevard branch next week. Well, you have to keep the visitors happy, don’t you?

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