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The delights on our doorstep

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This afternoon, Tony and I took Paddy for his usual walk and romp on the waste ground. We took the camera too, because since I started Sandra In Spain, the camera goes everywhere with me. It went to the local Indian restaurant on Tuesday, and it went to El Zoco Market this morning. Both of these will be reviewed soon in this section.

My friends are complaining, because if we go out to eat,they can’t get stuck in until the food is photographed,  and if we go shopping, they reckon I look like a holidaymaker, taking photos of anything and everything. So the numbers on the Christmas Card List may go into freefall soon. Oh well, it will save on postage costs -you have to look on the bright side, don’t you? But I digress.

We decided to walk to the top of our street – Calle Rafal – then turn right and walk along Calle Alicante to the cul de sac overlooking the golf course. It was a lovely clear afternoon, and the views over the golf course to the orange groves and the Sierra de Callosa mountains were stunning. And all this is within five minutes walk of our home. We are so lucky to live where we do. I would have loved to have included some photos of Paddy bounding around the waste ground as if he were in the Grand National, but the boy was so quick, by the time Tony had lined up the shot, he was well out of it!

I just point and hope for the best, but Tony has to have it right. Still, you have to admit, he’s taken some cracking photos of our walk. A word about the boots and the walking stick. I have not been struck down by immobility, I was just holding it for Tony while he took the photos. Asf or the €6 Primark boots, I realise they are not very elegant, but they have thick soles and I can bung them in the washing machine – good plus points when you’re walking on waste ground.