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Another first for the Lo Crispin and District Cultural Association: The Tavern’s Got Talent

Since its inception in 2010, the Lo Crispin and District Cultural Association has provided regular entertainment for local residents and much-needed funds for local charities. President Colin Ranson believes that fund rising should also be fun, so he and the Committee try to come up with novel ways to socialise and raise money. This has resulted in a number of ‘firsts’ such as a car rally, Christmas carols with real artificial snow, 4 day getaways, and now a talent night.

On Friday 20th May, the Association held its inaugural The Tavern’s Got Talent contest at the Tavern Bar,Lo Crispin. Forget Simon Cowell, our judges were much better and kinder – which was a relief, as I was one of the 8 acts performing. However, they did have formidable looking hooters – and that was just the men! Still, Colin assured us they’d be used in the best possible taste. 102 people paid €5 each for a hot buffet and the privilege of choosing the first ever winner of The Tavern’s Got Talent. The judges were just for show, the audience decided who would take home the first prize of €100. Around another 30 people were on the outside terrace, so it was a packed house that settled down to watch the best – or maybe the bravest! – of Algorfa’s talent.

Andy James of TKO Radio valiantly tried to bring order to the proceedings, as the acts did their stuff. Wes, Alisha, Niamh, Christine, Vanessa, Maggie and Yours Truly sung various popular numbers, with Alisha singing a song in Russian, accompanied by her husband and son on the keyboard and tambourine. However, all semblance of sanity left the building when the Whistling Duo – aka Colin and Mike Cooper, or Cooperman as he’s known in the Walking Football team – took the stage. How to describe their act? Well, you had to be there. Suffice to say that when Niamh Ellen caught a glimpse of them as she launched into a moving rendition of My Heart Will Go On, the poor girl’s heart almost stopped. At just 17 years old, she’d never seen anything quite like it before, and neither had anyone else in the room for that matter. ‘Dance’ is a woefully inadequate description for what they did to the music of Bridge on the River Kwai. but it did involve body painting and dustbins, and proved – were any proof needed – that the Association’s members are up for anything, as long as it’s fun and it brings in the funds for charity.

Voting was close, but Maggie Driver’s enthusiastic rendition of Blanket on the Ground took the €100, with Niamh Ellen a close second. She’s a real trouper, although her mother Therese fears the sight of Colin and Cooperman in all their glory may have put her off men for life! All the acts benefited from great support from the audience, and Maggie raised the biggest cheer of the night when she donated her prize money to the charities.

A handsome profit of €363.75 will be shared between the Association’s chosen charities for 2016 – the Torrevieja School for Special Needs Children and the Torrevieja Alzheimer’s Association. I call that a pretty good result, and a great night was had by all. The Lo Crispin and District Cultural Association certainly know how to put the fun into fund raising. If you’d like to be part of it, head along to the Tavern Bar on Friday lunchtimes between 12.00 and 2.30 pm and chat to some of the members about upcoming events, or check out their lively Facebook page. You’ll be guaranteed a warm welcome – but watch out for the Whistling Duo!

2 Responses to Another first for the Lo Crispin and District Cultural Association: The Tavern’s Got Talent

  • Sharon Apps says:

    Well done Dad (Colin Ranson) and everyone who took part in any way, sounds like I missed a fabulously fun evening!

    • Hello Sharon, and welcome to the blog. Yes, it was a great evening. Looking forward to next time – they’re always so well organised and so friendly, as well as being a lot of fun.