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Writing services and testimonials

This photo was taken when I was eriting a restaurant review for my food blog. Review writing is one of my specialities.

This photo was taken when I was writing a restaurant review for my food blog.

If you’re looking at this page, it’s for one of two reasons – you’re either very thorough in your perusal of my website – for which I thank you heartily – or you are thinking of hiring me. Maybe the mad Writer On Spain is just what you need for your next project. So, what can I do? Pretty much anything, unless it’s illegal, immoral, fattening or likely to permanently psychologically scar innocent parties. And even then, I might consider it, if the money is right and if I like you enough.

These are some – but not all – of the writing services I can offer you. In the past, I’ve also posted on forums to build up content and get conversations going, but I really don’t have time to do that these days.

Article writing

In 6 years of writing  for various content sites and clients, I’ve written thousands of articles on dozens of topics. My special interest areas are diet and nutrition, health and fitness, natural beauty, travel, life in Spain, history, literature and dogs, but I’ll research anything you like. So whether you want a 300 word humorous piece about puppy training, or a 2000 word in depth article on the causes and symptoms of Lupus, I can deliver it for you.

Blog Posts

I now have 4 blogs up and running, and if you check them out, you’ll see that I can pretty much write about anything, using any tone. Whether you want light hearted, slightly naughty, informative, insightful or thought-provoking, I can do it for you, because I do it for myself all the time.

Press Releases

Need a press release – or more likely a handful of press releases – to promote your product, but don’t have the time or the skills to write them yourself? I can do that for you. I’ve written PRs about all sorts of things, including antique jewellery, skin care products, home health care products and craft and DIY items.

Website Copy

Is your shiny new website looking a bit minimalist? Or maybe you can’t keep up with the demand for content from your legions of loyal readers? Again, I can help.


Maybe you’ve written an e-book to sell or to use as a promotional giveaway. Problem is, you really don’t have the time or the inclination to edit it. Let me check it over for you before it goes for publication.

If you don’t see what you need here, contact me and let’s talk about your requirements.  All my content is 100% original – I don’t work with article spinners or any other abominations of the written word. Should you decide to hire me, you’ll get a professional job, delivered on time to your specifications.


From Spike Wyatt, freelance writer and owner of The Half Hog Network, 27/10/2014:

Sandra’s work is always exceptional. Whether she’s writing original content on demand, reworking an idea or editing existing content, she can turn rubbish into website gold. Excellent at researching, funny, accurate, grammatically precise and with a writing voice that will grab your readers by their dangly bits and keep them reading, she’s an asset to any site or business, small or large.

From Chip Kelly, Editor in Chief at Insiders Abroad, 29/10/2014:

Sandra has been a valuable asset to Insiders Abroad for the past three years both as a professional writer as well as a valued community member. Her insights, both local and national, along with her professional writing has been more than we ever could have hoped. We’ve enjoyed working with her and having her part of our community. Her writing has always been fantastic and a favorite amongst all of our community members. We look forward to many more years of having her be on board and would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for interesting, insightful and professional writing