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‘Is There Anybody There?’ Oh yes!

Me with my spiritual mentor, teacher and friend, the Quirky Medium, Alison Wynn-Ryder

I’ve always been very interested in ‘The Other Side,’ for want of a better description. In fact, way back in 1977 I had my own encounter with a very different kind of spirit to my usual vodka and cloudy lemonade, or brandy and soda! I’ll tell you more about that in another post, but this is an introduction to my personal psychic development journey.

That encounter convinced me that there are indeed more things out there in the Universe than we can possibly understand, and for many years, I’ve wanted to learn more about the afterlife, reincarnation, the angels, and all the other beings that we can’t necessarily see, but can sense or just believe in. The time never seemed right though, and when I did meet psychics and mediums, there seemed to be something stopping me from connecting with them. Maybe it was because the people I encountered back in England seemed to have a sort of ‘showbiz’ quality about them which made it difficult to develop an empathy and trust, or maybe it was just because I hadn’t met the people who were destined to help me on my psychic path?

I don’t suppose I’ll ever know for sure, but when I came across Alison Wynne-Ryder almost three years ago, I finally felt ready to develop my psychic abilities and expand my spiritual knowledge. It was all about Divine Timing, because everything happens when it’s meant to happen for your highest good. It’s not always easy to believe that, especially when something bad happens, but if you can accept that it won’t always work out the way you want it, you’ll be so much stronger, calmer and happier. I certainly am.

I first came across Alison when she appeared on a local radio show, and I was so intrigued by what she had to say,  I resolved to meet her as soon as I could. I finally met her in November 2016, when I attended one of her psychic development ‘taster’ workshops, and interviewed her for my No Ordinary Expat series on the Insiders Abroad website.

Alison and I connected immediately, and I decided to join her Psychic Development Course in February 2017. Fast forward to today, and I have completed the three levels of the course, made some fabulous new friends, and developed my psychic abilities to a level that has astounded me. Alison is not surprised, however – she says as soon as she met me, she knew I had the ability to connect with Spirit, and in doing so, help myself and others.

Here, I will share some of the most magical moments of my psychic and spiritual journey. Whether you believe or not, I hope you will enjoy reading these posts. They’re very different to my usual stuff, but I feel by sharing my experiences, I may encourage others to explore their own psychic abilities. As Alison told me in her interview, we all have that ability, it just needs to be recognised and developed in the right way, and at the right pace for the individual. Love and blessings to you all.

6 Responses to ‘Is There Anybody There?’ Oh yes!

  • Rachael says:

    Hi Sandra, I have just started reading your blog following your article on Eye on Spain. Very interesting and uplifting. I lived in Spain when I was a child, and my family still have links to Spain, and I also have a property there, which I love to visit as much as possible. Every time I go to Spain, I feel as though I am coming home. (Incidentally I have sent a request to join your writers’ group on Facebook, as I have just tentatively started to write a novel based on my childhood in Spain, and how things used to be there, and all the many crazy “characters” we met in the village where my parents and I lived). Sadly both of my parents have passed over to the other side, but unfortunately I have not had any contact with them, which is very sad, although a medium at my local spiritualist church said that I have to be patient, and they will come through, or she said that maybe they have contacted me but I didn’t feel it or notice the subtle signs. I have had psychic experiences from time to time (we lived in a haunted house in Spain at one time). I have often wondered why there are no spiritualist churches in Spain – is it because Spain is a traditionally Catholic Christian country which disapproves of spiritualism?

    • Hello Rachael, and welcome to my website. Interesting story, and I love the sound of your book. Regarding your parents, they will come through when they feel you need their help, and yes, you may have missed signs, but it feels to me that maybe you are trying too hard to connect with them. As for the incidence of spiritualist churches here in Spain, we do have one local to us in Benijofar, but I would guess that you are right that Spain is a Catholic country and therefore not open to that sort of thing. Speaking for myself, I don’t feel you need to attend a spiritualist church to connect with Spirit. I have never been to one, as I am very much against organised religion of any denomination. I do however have a number of contacts who I trust and go to when I need help or advice. I’d like to talk more with you, so message me on my Sandra in Spain Facebook page, or friend me on my personal profile – Sandra Piddock. Love and blessings xx

  • ray says:

    Sandra, just about 20 years ago we were living in an old farmhouse in Cambridgeshire. My mother had just died and on the morning of her funeral I was getting ready to travel down to Enfield Middlesex. I was out of the shower getting dressed and very upset when the room was filled with a calming woman’s voice (not my mother) saying “don’t worry – it’ll be alright”. Later after the funeral I was talking with my sister and she said that she had heard mum say the exact same words -but in the voice that we knew. Neither of us heard any thing again – a sort of ” over and out” message?

    • Hello Ray, and welcome to the website. It sounds very much like it. She was letting you know she was okay. She could still contact you, if she feels you need her. I didn’t hear from my Dad for many years, but I’m going through a bad spell at the moment, and he’s come to me several times recently.

  • ray says:

    Hi Sandra, we both wondered why there was the difference in voice perception. My perception was a light feminine voice (mum was 82) and it was around me in the room – I even looked around thinking there was someone in the room with me.Yet my sister reckoned she heard mums “actual” voice in her head. Anyhow, we both felt better for having the reassurance in the message.

    • Hello Ray – sorry I’m late getting back on this – had a topsy turvy week preparing to travel to my daughter in law’s funeral. I can actually answer this from my own experience. On the morning my daughter in law died, I heard someone call ‘Sandra.’ It wasn’t a voice I recognised, and the friend I share a room with was fast asleep. I couldn’t even be sure if it was a male or female voice. I thought I’d imagined it – until I spoke to my son and found that I heard the voice at the exact time recorded on her death certificate. I spoke to my spiritual development mentors, and they all said that Spirit appear to us in a way they think will be comforting, rather than scary. Also, we receive the communications in different ways depending on what we’re doing and our state of mind. On top of that, people in Spirit don’t usually look and sound as they did in life, unless they’ve very recently passed, or feel that you need to see them as they were. The fact that you were both comforted by the message confirms it was from your mum. Thanks for raising such an interesting question.